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Aria DiSalvio: Music

The Phoenix

(Aria DiSalvio,cello, Emily Onderdonk, viola, Barry Phillips, table)
December 31, 2007
Written by Annbjorg Lien & Bjorn Ole Rasch. Arranged by Aria
A contemporary Norwegian tune in 7/8 taught to me by Natalie Haas.

She's Sweetest when she's Naked

(Aria DiSalvio, cello, Emily Onderdonk, viola)
December 31, 2007

Antoine's Jig / Disconnect

(Aria DiSalvio, cello, Evan Price, fiddle, Brittany Haas, fiddle)
December 31, 2007
Antoine's Jig written by Laura Risk, Disconnect written by Jeremy Kittel

Gallo Ciego

(Aria DiSalvio, cello, Cynthia Baehr, violin, Alice Talbot, violin, Polly Malan, viola)
February 28, 2009
This is a wonderful TANGO for string quartet - the recording is from a live performance in Santa Cruz, CA.